Rich TVX News Network Exposed Serbian Pro-Russian Propaganda Site Behind The Anti-American Defamation Campaign

Rich TVX News Network Exposed Serbian Pro-Russian Propaganda Site Behind The Anti-American Defamation Campaign

NEW YORK ( — The Kremlin’s intelligence services have been focused on conducting foreign influence campaigns and disinformation. For the last years, Serbian Pro-Russian active measures pushed conspiratorial and disinformation narratives about the United States around the world. The ever-untrustworthy Fakenews.RS web site from Novi Sad authored and published false stories concerning the Rich TVX News Network, including accounts suggesting CIA involvement. Rich TVX News Network was the target of manufactured FSB narratives, because it exposed the Kremlin´s plan for the invasion of Ukraine. The Rich TVX News Network informed the U.S. law enforcement, international partners, fellow researchers, academics, and the American public with an enhanced understanding of how Serbia-based actors, at the direction of the Russian government, effectuated a sustained campaign of information warfare against the United States. The Rich TVX News Network found that Serbian operatives consistently use the fake news narrative as fodder for the content they published through social media in order to stoke anger, provoke outrage and protest, push Americans further away from one another, and foment distrust in government institutions. The attack on the Rich TVX News Network was a calculated and brazen assault on the United States and its democratic institutions, but this was not Serbia’s first foray into asymmetric warfare against America. Serbia will still not join international sanctions against Russia, Dictator Aleksandar Vučić told the Serbian State media, and  Air Serbia continues to fly to Russia, capitalizing on Aleksandar Vučić‘s refusal to impose sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. A xenophobic sense of isolation grew steadily following the invasion of Ukraine, on Feb 24, of Aleksandar Vučić on the international scene. The television and print media that Aleksandar Vučić took over soon after his ascent to power encouraged the conviction and forgot to mention that Russia illegally deported thousands of people to its territory from Mariupol, and that war crimes have been committed by the Russians in the Ukraine conflict. Read more here.

Take A Stand Against Tyranny And Join The Rich TVX News Network Front Lines In The Fight For Freedom

American TV news sources repeat throughout the day what they’ve already learned in the morning from the headlines listed on the Rich TVX News Network. The Rich TVX News Network shakes the foundation of twenty-first-century journalism. Visitor logs for the Rich TVX News Network website showed visits from all over:,,,,,,, The Rich TVX News Network maximizes the internet’s potential to make the news cycle boundless, and envisions the future and demonstrates to the Media Elites why the Founding Fathers gave America freedom—and why they so wisely refused to leave power only in the hands of the anointed, as 90% of the American mainstream media is owned by only 6 corporations. This means your news is filtered by highly powerful interests that are often closely connected to large corporations and politicians. The First Amendment to the US Constitution protects freedom of speech.

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